Kim Kopetz Discusses the Rise of Dopamine Culture with Fast Company

President and Chief Executive Officer of The Opus Group Shares the Connection Between Dopamine and Brand Experiences
June 28, 2024

Everything is bite-sized. Micro-content, short attention spans—it’s all part of a “dopamine culture.”

President and CEO Kim Kopetz recently sat down with Larraine Segil, Founder and CEO of the Exceptional Women Alliance to discuss how businesses can leverage dopamine culture to enhance brand experiences. 

The Q&A, now published in Fast Company, outlines how strategies like “Easter egg” marketing, quick-win brand engagement, and ultra exclusivity transform marketing into meaningful experiences.

“By embracing dopamine culture and understanding the human desire for reward and recognition, we can create experiences that are emotionally engaging,” Kim shares. “These experiences evoke positive feelings and keep audiences hooked and coming back for more. And even better, sharing their experiences within their own community, further amplifying a brand’s voice. It’s an exciting time for marketers!”

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