The Opus Group to Lead Peer Discussion at ELX Annual Congress

Kim Kopetz and Raymond Brown will Share and Discuss “The New Value Propositions” with Global Event Leaders
January 20, 2023

Kim Kopetz, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Opus Group, and Raymond Brown, Chief Operating Officer of MAS (one of four agencies in The Opus Group network), will lead a group discussion at the 2023 Event Leaders Exchange (ELX) Annual Congress on February 2, 2023. 

Their group discussion and peer-to-peer workshop, The New Value Propositions, will inform attendees where audience preferences are headed for 2023 and beyond, what’s driving those preferences, and how event planners can utilize innovative ways to acquire audiences and engage attendees in an ever-changing landscape.  

ELX, an invitation-only community of global corporate event leaders, strives to evolve and drive positive change within the industry as a united front. The group comprises more than 60 c-suite global heads of events from companies such as Cisco, Genentech, Google, McDonald's, Siemens, T-Mobile, and Walmart, who come together to share ideas, gain industry insights, solve problems, and engage in strategic, actionable conversations. 

The session is part of a comprehensive, newly-announced partnership between The Opus Group and ELX, designed to provide ELX members with an agency perspective on experience design and strategy. 

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