2024 is the Year of Innovation: A Conversation with ELX

Kim Kopetz Shares New Ideas and Technologies Set to Shake Things Up in 2024
August 30, 2023

We’ve been back to in-person experiences for some time, yet the industry is just now beginning to see a glimmer of innovation. Outside of the industry, technological advances are impacting society at warp speed, and with the “reunion tours” of 2021 and 2022 complete, audiences are left craving something exciting and unexpected at events.

So, when will we really begin to see event innovation?

Kim Kopetz, President and Chief Operating Officer at The Opus Group and ELX partner, sat down with Aurore Braconnier, General Manager of Event Leaders Exchange (ELX), to chat about the much-anticipated return to innovation within the events industry. Kim shares her perspective on the new ideas and technologies set to shake things up in 2024.

Together, Kim and Aurore explore:

  • What’s driving the demand for innovation? 
  • What are some of the industry’s newest and most inspiring innovations? 
  • What’s next for the future of technology innovation?

Read the full interview here.