Kim Kopetz Discusses the Next Era of Innovation with Smart Meetings

President and COO of The Opus Group Shares New Ideas and Technologies That Will Shake Things Up in 2024
May 26, 2023

Our industry declared the pandemic a long-awaited opportunity to reimage events and brand experiences. But what really happened? Through the challenges of the reopening world and the joy of reunions, our industry mostly picked up its 2019 playbooks and returned to its comfort zone. While we aren’t yet seeing the realization of innovation in a big way (yet), there are promising signs of a new era emerging.

Kim Kopetz, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Opus Group, sat down with Smart Meetings to discuss the new engagement strategies and technologies fueling innovation in 2024.

She shared that the two forces driving innovation are (1) the demand for something new and interesting, and (2) the shift from tech designed for the event organizer to tech designed for the audience experience.

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